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OpenAI has hired Shopify’s latest veteran ecommerce expert

OpenAI has added a Shopify veteran as a member of its team. This move shows that the rotating door between the largest e-commerce company in

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Local nonprofit organization grants money to help people with disabilities

Since 1986, The Foundation for Developmental Disabilities (FDD) has had a significant impact in San Diego. SAN DIEGO - There

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Jensen Communications, Inc., Appoints Leo Lavoro SVP, Publicity and Media Strategy

Press Release The industry veteran will provide creative direction in all areas of public relations, marketing and branding.Media, marketing and

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Sephora hires Nike’s former ecommerce head for China

It's Time to Read 3 minutes and 3.5 seconds Sephora has announced a new appointment for its China presence, naming

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‘A Masterpiece’ – Tether CEO Hints at New Fully Non-Custodial Tokenization Platform From Top Stablecoin Issuer – The Daily Hodl

Tether (USDT) will soon roll out a fully non-custodial tokenization platform to the public, according to Paolo Ardoino, the stablecoin

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Coinbase’s listing of futures for DOGE and Pepe products on Doge warns contributors about extreme volatility

According to a Doge contributor, the halving of BTC will cause market fluctuations to be strange. This is especially true

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